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The Ones Behind the Lens

Jeff Cheng

Jeff Cheng

Started out assisting in a commercial photography studio more than two decades ago, promoted to photographer. Decided to step out of comfort zone and started PhotoCraft Photography in 1996. It wasn't as easy as today, images created back then on film requires more technique than just a few mouse clicks these days.


Being in the Commercial photography field for more than twenty years, this is definitely something that keeps me at the edge of my chair whenever there is a shoot, having to battle not only the environment conditions, but also various limitations, still having to create that one image that tells the story. It not only stirs up your creativity and innovation, it constantly reminded me of my passion for Commercial photography and why I started PhotoCraft. I always believe the best image is the next one I am going to create on our next shoot. 


Michelle Chua

Graduated from National University of Singapore with a degree in Computing. Driven by passion, and the ever high demands in creativity in Commercial Photography, I decided to shelf my degree and started assisting at PhotoCraft Photography Studio.


In commercial photography, you get to go places, be put in a place where you have to tackle various environments to bag that perfect shot for your client. It is something that constantly puts my creativity to the test. 

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